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We have an English vocabulary trainer (flashcard) if you speak Spanish, French or Arabic. If your native language is one of these 3 then please visit one of the links below:

Flashcards: Vocabulario entrenador de palabras, frases y gramática  [220 tarjetas]
Cartes-éclair: Entraîneur de vocabulaire au sujet des phrases, mots et grammaire  [220 cartes]
برنامج حفظ الكلمات: يساعدك على تذكر الكلمات بسرعة و بدون نسيان [220 بطاقة تعليمية]

The links for the vocabulary trainer above can help you increase the speed at which you memorize new words. Use it as often as possible until you are able to get every word right. Check the rest of the pages such as the English Vocabulary, English Grammar, and the English Phrases.


English Vocabulary

English Phrases

Did you know? If you memorize all the words on the above English flashcards, you will be able to speak using 70% of the daily expressions and vocabulary. Because most words that a native uses everyday are simple vocabulary repeated over and over.