Thai Letters

Let's now learn the Thai letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

Thai Consonants

[k] example ko kai 
[kh] example kho khai 
[kh] example kho khuat 
[kh] example kho khwai 
[kh] example kho khon 
[kh] example kho ra-khang 
[ng] example ngo ngu 
[ch] example cho chan 
[ch] example cho ching 
[ch] example cho chang 
[s] example so so 
[ch] example cho choe 
[y] example yo ying 
[d] example do cha-da 
[t] example to pa-tak 
[th] example tho than 
[th] example tho montho 
[th] example tho phu-thao 
[n] example no nen 
[d] example do dek 
[t] example to tao 
[th] example tho thung 
[th] example tho thahan 
[th] example tho thong 
[n] example no nu 
[b] example bo baimai 
[p] example po pla 
[ph] example pho phueng 
[f] example fo fa 
[ph] example pho phan 
[f] example fo fan 
[ph] example pho sam-phao 
[m] example mo ma 
[y] example yo yak 
[r] example ro ruea 
[l] example lo ling 
[w] example wo waen 
[s] example so sala 
[s] example so rue-si 
[s] example so suea 
[h] example ho hip 
[l] example lo chu-la 
[*] example o ang 
[h] example ho nok-huk 

Thai Vowels

After looking into the consonanct, now let's look at the vowels in Thai.

[a] example nut
– –[o] example boat
–รร[an] example tun
–รร–[a] example nut
–รรม[am] example hum
–ว–[ua] example newer
–วย[uai] example buoy
–อ[o] example saw
–็อ–[o] example not
–อย[oi] example boy
–ะ[a] example nut
–ั –[a] example nut
–ัย[ai] example hi
–ัว[ua] example newer
–ัวะ[ua] example sewer
–า[a] example father
–าย[ai] example bye
–าว[ao] example now
–ำ[am] example sum
–ิ[i] example greedy
–ิว[io] example new
–ี[i] example see
–ึ[ue] example hue
–ื[ue] example fur
–ุ[u] example look
–ู[u] example too
เ–[e] example lame
เ–็ –[e] example neck
เ–ะ[e] example neck
เ–ย[oei] example burn
เ–อ[oe] example burn
เ–อะ[oe] example the
เ–ิ –[oe] example the
เ–ว[eo] example rainbow
เ–า[ao] example cow
เ–าะ[o] example not
เ–ีย[ia] example ear
เ–ียะ[ia] example ear
เ–ียว[iao] example trio
เ–ือ[uea] example pure
เ–ือะ[uea] example pure
แ–[ae] example ham
แ–ะ[ae] example at
แ–็ –[ae] example at
แ–ว[aeo] example
โ–[o] example go
โ–ะ[o] example poke
ใ–[ai] example I
ไ–[ai] example I
[rue] example Krishna
ฤๅ[rue] example
[lue] example leak

The above letters in Thai should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Thai, Thai homepage, or Thai Grammar. Thai quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.