Vietnamese Letters

Let's now learn the Vietnamese letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

A a[α:] example Alabama
 â[ɜ] example put
Ă ă[α] example hat
B b[ɓ] example big
C c[k] example cat
CH ch[t∫, c] example chat
D d[z, j] example zoo (north) yes (south)
Đ đ[ɗ] example day
E e[ε] example pet
Ê ê[e] example mate
G g[ɣ] example gold
GH gh[ɣ] example Ghana
GI gi[z, j] example zoo (n) yes (s)
H h[h] 12 example hat
I i[i] example ink, eat
K k[k] example kit
KH kh[kh, x] example Bach
L l[l] example love
M m[m] example man
N n[n] example nice
NG ng[ŋ] example ring
NGH ngh[ŋ] example singer
NH nh[ɲ] example new
O o[ɔ] example hot
Ô ô[o] example boat
Ơ ơ[ɜ:] example fur
P p[p] example peace
PH ph[f] example fly
QU qu[kw] example queue
R r[z, ɹ] example zoo (n) tar (s)
S s[s, ∫] example sea (n) shy (s)
T t[t] example top
TH th[th] example thin
TR tr[t∫,ʈɽ] example chat (n) tree (s)
U u[ʊ] example boot
Ư ư[ɨ] example cute
V v[v, j] example van (n) yes (s)
X x[s] example sky
Y y[i] example tea

The above letters in Vietnamese should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Vietnamese, Vietnamese homepage, or Vietnamese Grammar. Vietnamese quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.