Armenian Letters

Let's now learn the Armenian letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

If you see two pronunciations for the same letter. That means the first is used in the east and the second pronunciation is used in the west of Armenia.

Ա ա[ɑ] example Alabama
Բ բ[b,pʰ] example by, phone
Գ գ[ɡ,kʰ] example go, ok
Դ դ[d,tʰ] example do, thin
Ե ե[(j)ɛ] example yes
Զ զ[z] example Zulu
Է է[ɛ] example egg
Ը ը[ə] example put
Թ թ[tʰ] example time
Ժ ժ[ʒ] example vision
Ի ի[i] 12 example innk
Լ լ[l] example love
Խ խ[χ] example Bach
Ծ ծ[ts,dz] example cats
Կ կ[k,ɡ] example ok, go
Հ հ[h] example hi
Ձ ձ[dz,tsʰ] example kids
Ղ ղ[ʁ] example merci
Ճ ճ[tʃ,dʒ] example Uzbakistan
Մ մ[m] example mom
Յ յ[j] example you
Ն ն[n] example nice
Շ շ[ʃ] example shiny
Ո ո[(v)o] example vast, pot
Չ չ[tʃʰ] example porch
Պ պ[p,b] example pen, by
Ջ ջ[dʒ,tʃʰ] example job
Ռ ռ[r,ɾ] example Roma
Ս ս[s] example sand
Վ վ[v] example vast
Տ տ[t,d] example but
Ր ր[ɾ] example red
Ց ց[tsʰ] example bits
Ւ ւ[w,v] example cool
Փ փ[pʰ] example pear
Ք ք[kʰ] example king
Օ օ[o] example old
Ֆ ֆ[f] example fly
ՈՒ ու[u] example tool
և և[(j)ɛv] example Yevett

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