Assamese Letters

Let's now learn the Assamese letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

[a] example Alabama
[aa] example fact
[e] example egg
[ii] example tea
[ei] example hey
[ei] example bean
[ai] example late
[i] example ink
[o] example home
[oi] example toy
[oii] example oil
[uu] example noon
[ou] example house
[u] example Uzbakistan
[b] example basket
[bha] example BHA
[ca] example cat
[chha] example chat
[da] example dark
[dha] example dart
[fa] example fan
[fi] example fit
[ga] example gas
[gha] example Ghana
[ghi] example Ghistapo
[ha] example hat
[ja] example jam
[jha] example jar
[ka] example cat
[kha] example Khan
[khi] example KHI
[l] example love
[li] example list
[li] example lip
[lii] example million
[lii] example million
[ma] example man
[na] example nap
[n'a] example N'A
[nia] example Niagara
[nae] example Nigeria
[ni] example mini
[oms] example Tom's
[pa] example pat
[qi] example king
[ra] example rap
[ri] example ring
[ri] example risk
[ri] example tree
[sa] example sat
[sha] example shack
[shha] example SHHA
[ta] example tan
[t'a] example T'A
[tha] example Thailand
[tha] example Thailand
[t'ha] example Thailand
[thha] example THHA
[ugdha] example UGDHA
[ugdhha] example UGDHHA
[va] example van
[ya] example yard
[yi] example yeast
[za] example Zaire

The above letters in Assamese should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Assamese, Assamese homepage, or Assamese Grammar. Assamese quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.