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This is a vocabulary trainer also called Belarusian Flashcards. You can start by choosing the category: "Vocabulary", "Grammar", "Phrases" or "All". Click "Start" to see the word, then try to guess the answer. Finally click "Answer" to see if you got the word right.

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The vocabulary trainer above can help you increase the speed at which you memorize new words. Use it as often as possible until you are able to get every word right. Check the rest of the pages such as the Belarusian Vocabulary, Belarusian Grammar, and the Belarusian Phrases.


Belarusian Vocabulary

Belarusian Phrases

Did you know? If you memorize all the words on the above Belarusian flashcards, you will be able to speak using 70% of the daily expressions and vocabulary. Because most words that a native uses everyday are simple vocabulary repeated over and over.