Belarusian Grammar

The Belarusian grammar allows you to manipulate the vocabulary to obtain multiple forms of a word. The grammatical rules below are the most important in Belarusian and help connect words or shape the structure. We start with the prepositions:

And: і; ды  [і; di] Audio Under: пад  [pad] Audio
Before: раней  [ranyey] Audio After: пасля  [paslya] Audio
Inside: унутры  [oonootri] Audio Outside: знадворку  [znadvorkoo] Audio
With: з  [z] Audio But: але  [alye] Audio
For: на працягу  [na pratzyaguoo] Audio From: ад  [ad] Audio
To: у  [oo] Audio In: у  [oo] Audio


Questions and Adverbs

To ask questions, use the following:

What?: што?  [shto?] Audio Who?: хто?  [khto?] Audio
How?: якім чынам?  [yakіm chinam?] Audio Why?: чаму?  [chamoo?] Audio
Where?: дзе?  [dzye?] Audio

Some of the most important time adverbs:

Never: ніколі  [nіkolі] Audio Rarely: рэдка  [redka] Audio
Sometimes: часам  [chasam] Audio Usually: звычайна  [zvichayna] Audio
Always: заўсёды  [zawsyodi] Audio Very: вельмі  [vyelʲmі] Audio


Most commonly used pronouns in Belarusian:

I: я  [ya] Audio You: ты/вы/вы  [ti/vi/vi] Audio
He: ён  [yon] Audio She: яна  [yana] Audio
We: мы  [mi] Audio They: яны  [yani] Audio

To express the possession of something [possessive form]:

My: мой/мая/маё; мае  [moy/maya/mayo; maye] Audio Your: твой/твая/тваё/твае  [tvoy/tvaya/tvayo/tvaye] Audio
His: яго/ягоны  [yaguo/yaguoni] Audio Her: яе; ёй  [yaye; yoy] Audio
Our: наш/нашая/нашае  [nash/nashaya/nashaye] Audio Their: іх/іхні  [іkh/іkhnі] Audio

Grammar in a sentence

Some random verbs to show how it's being used:

I speak English: я размаўляю  [ya razmawlyayo] Audio
You speak French: вы(ты) размаўляеце (размаўляеш) па-французску  [vi(ti) razmawlyayetzye (razmawlyayesh) pa-frantzoozskoo] Audio
He speaks German: ён гаворыць па-нямецку  [yon guavoritzʲ pa-nyamyetzkoo] Audio
She speaks Italian: яна размаўляе па-італьянску  [yana razmawlyaye pa-іtalʲyanskoo] Audio
I visited France: я наведаў францыю  [ya navyedaw frantziyo] Audio
I will drink milk: я буду піць малако  [ya boodoo pіtzʲ malako] Audio


Some extra grammatical structures:

I understand you: я вас разумею  [ya vas razoomyeyo] Audio
I don't understand you: я вас не разумею  [ya vas nye razoomyeyo] Audio
I don't speak French: я не размаўляю па-французску  [ya nye razmawlyayo pa-frantzoozskoo] Audio
This is my house: гэта мой дом  [gueta moy dom] Audio
That restaurant is far: гэты рэстаран далёка  [gueti restaran dalyoka] Audio
No problem: няма праблем  [nyama prablyem] Audio

The above Belarusian grammar can provide tools to use in coordination with the Belarusian vocabulary to obtain some popular Belarusian phrases.

Belarusian Phrases

Belarusian Vocabulary


Did you know? Grammar can help you increase your vocabulary dramatically. Grammar is like a tool which helps you manipulate words in a sentence by changing the shape and location of a word to create something new out of the old one.