Gujarati Letters

Let's now learn the Gujarati letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

[a] --> example art
[ā] --> example mat
[i] --> example kiss
[ī] --> example eat
[u] --> example cut
[ū] --> example new
[r̥] --> example merci
[e] --> example egg
[ai] --> example hi
[o] --> example top
[au] example how
[â] --> example put
[ô] --> example tool
[ā] --> example arm
િ[i] --> example lid
[ī] --> example read
[u] --> example cut
[ū] --> example mule
[r̥] --> example merci
[e] --> example men
[ai] --> example hi
[o] --> example top
[au] --> example how
[â] --> example hut
[ô] --> example wood
[k] --> example cow
[ch] --> example chat
[ṭ] --> example time
[t] --> example top
[p] --> example play
[kh] --> example Bach
[chh] --> example chess
[ṭh] --> example them
[th] --> example think
[ph] --> example tap her
[gu] --> example go
[j] --> example Jamaica
[ḍ] --> example that
[d] --> example day
[b] --> example Bali
[ghe] --> example merci
[jhe] --> example vision
[ḍhe] --> example brother
[dhe] --> example door
[bhe] --> example boring
[ṅe] --> example nice
[ñe] --> example new
[ṇe] --> example near
[ne] --> example noon
[me] --> example me
[ye] --> example yes
[re] --> example ring
[le] --> example life
[ve] --> example vast
[śhe] --> example shiny
[ṣe] --> example sit
[se] --> example sing
[he] --> example hear
[ḷe] --> example list
[m] --> example milk

The above letters in Gujarati should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Gujarati, Gujarati homepage, or Gujarati Grammar. Gujarati quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.