Hausa Letters

Let's now learn the Hausa letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

A a[a] example Alaska
B b[b] example bed
Ɓ ɓ[ɓ] example Abbot
C c[tʃ] example chat
D d[d] example day
Ɗ ɗ[ɗ] example Midday
E e[e,a] example get, hat
F f[ɸ] example fly
G g[ɡ] example go
H h[h] example hat
I i[i,e] example hip, egg
J j[(d)ʒ] example Jamaica
K k[k] example kit
Ƙ ƙ[kʼ] example camera
L l[l] example leg
M m[m] example moon
N n[n] example nice
O o[o] example hot, cool
R r[r, ɽ] example Roma
R 'r[r, ɽ] example Rabbit
S s[s] example smile
Sh sh[ʃ] example shy
T t[t] example ten
Ts ts[(t)sʼ] example cats
U u[u] example hut, dune
W w[w] example why
Y y[j] example you
Ƴ ƴ[ʔʲ] example yes
Z z[z] example Zulu
'[ʔ] glottal stop

The above letters in Hausa should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Hausa, Hausa homepage, or Hausa Grammar. Hausa quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.