Hindi Phrases

The Hindi phrases are helpful because they are used daily. Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. We included the audio as well. This is a better way to learning. Learn only what you need. We start with greetings and introduction.

Hi: नमस्ते  [nmste] Audio
What is your name?: आपका नाम क्या है?  [aapkaa naam kyaa hai?] Audio
Nice to meet you: आपसे मिलकर अच्छा लगा |  [aapse milkr akchaa lgaaa |] Audio
How are you?: आप कैसे (m) / कैसी (f) हैं?  [aap kaise (m) / kaisi (f) hain?] Audio
I'm good, thanks: मैं ठीक हूँ, शुक्रिया  [main thik hun, shukriyaa] Audio
And you?: और आप?  [aur aap?] Audio


More questions about language and age:

Do you speak (English/Hindi)?: क्या आप अंगरेजी/हिंदी बोलते (m)/ बोलती (f) हैं?  [kyaa aap angareji/hindi bolte (m)/ bolti (f) hain?] Audio
Does she speak Chinese?: क्या वह चीनी बोल नहीं सकती हैं?  [kyaa vh kini bol nhin skti hain?] Audio
A little bit: थोड़ा सा (Gender, if for above sentence, use feminine)  [thodeaa saa] Audio
How old are you?: आपकी उम्र क्या है?  [aapki umr kyaa hai?] Audio
I'm 33 years old: मैं तैंतीस साल का हूँ |  [main taintis saal kaa hun |] Audio
It was nice talking to you: आपसे बात करके अच्छा लगा -   [aapse baat krke akchaa lgaaa - ] Audio

If you don't understand something, this will be your secret weapon:

What do you mean?: तुम्हें क्या मतलब है? (this phrase is used arrogantly)  [tumhen kyaa mtlb hai?] Audio
I don't understand: मैं नहीं समझा - (m)/समझी - (f)  [main nhin smjhaa - (m)/smjhi - (f)] Audio
I don't know: मुझे नहीं मालूम |  [mujhe nhin maalum |] Audio
Sorry: माफ कीजिये!!  [maaf kijiye!!] Audio
What is that called in Hindi?: उसे हिन्दी में क्या कहते हैं?  [use hindi men kyaa khte hain?] Audio
What does that word mean in English?: इस शब्द का हिन्दी  में अर्थ  क्या है?  [is shbd kaa hindi  men arth  kyaa hai?] Audio


More personal information about origins and profession:

Where are you from?: आप कहाँ से हैं?  [aap khaan se hain?] Audio
I'm from the U.S: मैं अमेरिका से हूँ |  [main amerikaa se hun |] Audio
I'm American: मैं अमेरिकी हूँ -   [main ameriki hun - ] Audio
Where do you live?: आप कहाँ रहते (m) / रहती हैं (f)?  [aap khaan rhte (m) / rhti hain (f)?] Audio
I live in the U.S: मैं अमेरिका में रहता हूँ |  [main amerikaa men rhtaa hun |] Audio
What do you do for a living?: आप क्या काम करते हैं?  [aap kyaa kaam krte hain?] Audio
I'm a student: मैं एक छात्र हूँ |  [main ek chaatr hun |] Audio

Offering or asking for help and giving directions:

Can I help you?: क्या मैं आपकी मदद कर सकता (m) / सकती (f) हूँ?  [kyaa main aapki mdd kr sktaa (m) / skti (f) hun?] Audio
Can you help me?: क्या आप मेरी मदद कर सकते (m) / सकती (f) हैं?  [kyaa aap meri mdd kr skte (m) / skti (f) hain?] Audio
Where is the airport?: हवाई अड्डा कहाँ है?  [hvaai addaa khaan hai?] Audio
Go straight: सीधे जाइये |  [sidhe jaaiye |] Audio
Then: फिर  [fir] Audio
Turn left: बाएँ मुङिये |  [baaen mungiye |] Audio
Turn right: दाहिने मुङिये |  [daahine mungiye |] Audio


Good wishes in Hindi in holidays and occasions:

Happy birthday: जन्म दिन की शुभ कामनाएँ  [jnm din ki shubh kaamnaaen] Audio
Happy new year: नए साल की शुभ कामनाएँ  [ne saal ki shubh kaamnaaen] Audio
Merry Christmas: बङे दिन की शुभ कामनाएँ  [bnge din ki shubh kaamnaaen] Audio
Good luck: शुभ कामनाएँ  [shubh kaamnaaen] Audio
Congratulations: बधाई हो  [bdhaai ho] Audio

Hindi expressions commonly used when traveling or buying:

I have a reservation: मेरे पास एक कमरे का आरक्षण है |  [mere paas ek kmre kaa aarksn hai |] Audio
Do you have rooms available?: आपके पास कमरे हैं?  [aapke paas kmre hain?] Audio
I would like a non-smoking room: मैं धुम्रपान निषेध कमरा चाहूँगा |(Not clear what this is supposed to mean)  [main dhumrpaan nisedh kmraa kaahungaaa |] Audio
How much it costs per night?: एक रात का क्या किराया है?  [ek raat kaa kyaa kiraayaa hai?] Audio
Waiter: वेटर!  [vetr!] Audio
How much is this?: यह कितने का है?  [yh kitne kaa hai?] Audio
What is this?: यह क्या है?  [yh kyaa hai?] Audio

Survival phrases considered to be important in emergencies:

Are you okay?: क्या आप ठीक हैं?  [kyaa aap thik hain?] Audio
I need a doctor: मुझे डाक्टर की जरूरत है -   [mujhe daaktr ki jrurt hai - ] Audio
Help: बचाऒ!  [bkaaऒ!] Audio
Call the ambulance: रुग्ण - यान or एम्बुलेंस को बुलाओ!  [rugan - yaan or embulens ko bulaao!] Audio
Call the police: पुलिस को बुलाओ!  [pulis ko bulaao!] Audio
I am sick: मैं बीमार हूँ -   [main bimaar hun - ] Audio

These Hindi phrases can be used in a variety of conversations. If you have already visited our Hindi Vocabulary and Hindi Grammar, you might want to visit our Hindi Flashcards to practice what you learned.

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Did you know? Phrases are the combination of the use of vocabulary and grammar. Mastering the vocabulary and grammar can result in the ability to make useful Hindi phrases.