Kazakh Letters

Let's now learn the Kazakh letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

А а[a] example Alabama
Б б[b] example bag
В в[v] example van
Г г[g] example go
Д д[d] example dog
Е е[e] example pet
Ж ж[s] example vision
З з[z] example Zulu
И и[i] example sit
Й й[y] example yes
К к[k] example kit
Л л[l] example life
М м[m] example me
Н н[n] example nice
О о[o] example old
П п[p] example pen
Р р[r] example ring
С с[s] example sea
Т т[t] example tree
У у[oo] example tool
Ф ф[f] example fun
Х х[h] example hat
Ц ц[tz] example cats
Ч ч[ch] example chat
Ш ш[sh] example shy
Щ щ[sht] example rushed
Ъ ъ[u] example put
ь[э] example pet
Э э[y] example young
Ю ю[you] example you
Я я[ya] example yard

The above letters in Kazakh should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Kazakh, Kazakh homepage, or Kazakh Grammar. Kazakh quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.