Maasai Vocabulary

The Maasai vocabulary is the backbone for learning. Below we picked 70% of the most commonly used words. Therefore memorizing them will give you a 70% boost in the language. This is the smarter way of online learning. Learn only what you need. We start with commonly used numbers.

One: Nabo Two: Are Three: Uni
Four: Og'uan Five: Emiet Six: Eele
Seven: Napishana Eight: Esiet Nine: Naudo
Ten: tomon First: Engatek/dukuya Second: oliare

Days of the week and time expressions:

Monday: Kazi nabo(from swahili kazi) Tuesday: Kazi are (from swahili Wednesday: kazi uni
Thursday: Kazi ogwuan Friday: Kazi emiete Saturday: Kazi Eile
Sunday: Kazi navishana Now: Tataji Yesterday: Taisere
Today: Tataji Tonight: Kewarrie Tomorrow: Taisere


Most popular fruits and vegetables:

Fruits: Ermatunda Apples:
Bananas: Ermariko Tomatoes: Enyanya(from swahili Nyanya
Potatoes: Ermurungu Onions: Engitunguu

Colors that we think are very important to remember:

Red: Olodo Green: Olonyori Blue: Embuse
White: Oloiborr Black: Olorok Grey: Olmuje

Some words related to food:

Breakfast: Edaa E tedekanya Lunch: EdaaE dama
Dinner: Edaa Nilo Airraje Milk: Kule
Coffee: arkahawa Bread: olmukate


Weather terms and sensations:

Sunny: Etikinya Windy: Osiuo Rainy: Enjan/ehaita
Snowy: Albarafu Cold: Erobi Hot: Erowua

Words related to family and relatives:

Boy: Alayeni Girl: Endito
Son: Engayeni Daughter: Endito
Brother: Alalahe Sister: Enganashe
Man: Olee Woman: Engitok
Father: Papa Mother: Yeyo
Grandfather: Ngakuyaa Grandmother: kokoi

Locations in the house which are talked about more during the day:

House: Engaji Toilet: Enjoo Room: Engaji
Bedroom: Erruat Kitchen: Eweji neyerihoreki Table: Emesa

Animals and pets popular to everyone:

Cat: Empurria Dog: Oldia Mouse: Ederoni
Bird: Emotonyi Cow: Engiteng Horse: Olparasi/from swahili

The clothes most worn by most people:

Socks: Esokis Shoes: enamuka Trousers: Esupaleni
Shirt: olshati Sweater: eseeta Coat: Olkoti

Most popular languages in the world:

English: Kingeresa French: kifaransa German: kijerumani
Spanish: Ersipanish Italian: kitaliano Portuguese:
Greek: kigiriki Russian: kirasha Arabic: kiarabu
Hindi: kiindi Chinese: elshainis Japanese: kijapan


Most popular terms when traveling:

Taxi: Endakis Bus: Ebasi
Hotel: Hoteli Reservation: Ebung'a
Airport: Ekiwanja e ndeke Passport: Empasipot

Words you can use in class or talking about school:

Student: Engera eshule Teacher: Olategenani Pen: Alkalamu
Books: Engitabu Page: Engai matua Dictionary: Edikishenari

Body parts which are talked about more often:

Hand: Engaik Feet: Edap engeju Hair: Elpapit
Eye: Engogu Mouth: Engutuk Nose: Engume

Emergency vocabulary to ask for help or offer help when needed:

Ambulance: Doctor: Oldakitarie
Hospital: Sipitari Pharmacy: Olduka lookeek
Police: Elpolisi Stomach Ache: Aaya Engohoke

As you can see, this Maasai vocabulary is something you will need every day. You can use our Vocabulary Trainer to help you memorize these words.

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Did you know? People use only a small amount of their vocabulary on a daily basis. The rest of the words are either unused or not used often.