Malay Vocabulary

The Malay vocabulary is the backbone for learning. Below we picked 70% of the most commonly used words. Therefore memorizing them will give you a 70% boost in the language. This is the smarter way of online learning. Learn only what you need. We start with commonly used numbers.

One: Satu  Audio Two: dua  Audio Three: tiga  Audio
Four: empat  Audio Five: lima  Audio Six: enam  Audio
Seven: tujuh  Audio Eight: lapan  Audio Nine: sembilan  Audio
Ten: sepuluh  Audio First: pertama  Audio Second: kedua  Audio

Time Expressions

Days of the week and time expressions:

Monday: Isnin  Audio Tuesday: Selasa  Audio Wednesday: Rabu  Audio
Thursday: Khamis  Audio Friday: Jumaat  Audio Saturday: Sabtu  Audio
Sunday: Ahad  Audio Now: Sekarang  Audio Yesterday: Semalam  Audio
Today: Hari ini  Audio Tonight: Malam ini  Audio Tomorrow: Besok  Audio


Most popular fruits and vegetables:

Fruits: Buah-buahan  Audio Apples: Epal  Audio
Bananas: Pisang  Audio Tomatoes: Tomato  Audio
Potatoes: Ubi kentang  Audio Onions: Bawang besar  Audio

Colors that we think are very important to remember:

Red: Merah  Audio Green: Hijau  Audio Blue: Biru  Audio
White: Putih  Audio Black: Hitam  Audio Grey: Kelabu  Audio

Some words related to food:

Breakfast: Sarapan  Audio Lunch: Makan tengahari  Audio
Dinner: Makan malam  Audio Milk: Susu  Audio
Coffee: Kopi  Audio Bread: Roti  Audio


Weather terms and sensations:

Sunny: Cerah  Audio Windy: Berangin  Audio Rainy: Hujan  Audio
Snowy: Bersalji  Audio Cold: Sejuk  Audio Hot: Panas  Audio

Words related to family and relatives:

Boy: Budak lelaki  Audio Girl: Budak perempuan  Audio
Son: Anak lelaki  Audio Daughter: Anak perempuan  Audio
Brother: Abang/adik lelaki  Audio Sister: Kakak/adik perempuan  Audio
Man: Lelaki  Audio Woman: Wanita  Audio
Father: Ayah  Audio Mother: Ibu  Audio
Grandfather: Datuk  Audio Grandmother: Nenek  Audio

Locations in the house which are talked about more during the day:

House: Rumah  Audio Toilet: Tandas  Audio Room: Bilik  Audio
Bedroom: Bilik tidur  Audio Kitchen: Dapur  Audio Table: Meja  Audio

Animals and pets popular to everyone:

Cat: Kucing  Audio Dog: Anjing  Audio Mouse: Tikus  Audio
Bird: Burung  Audio Cow: Lembu  Audio Horse: Kuda  Audio

The clothes most worn by most people:

Socks: Stokin  Audio Shoes: Kasut  Audio Trousers: Seluar  Audio
Shirt: Kemeja  Audio Sweater: Baju panas  Audio Coat: Kot  Audio

Most popular languages in the world:

English: Bahasa Inggeris  Audio French: Bahasa Perancis  Audio German: Bahasa Jerman  Audio
Spanish: Bahasa Sepanyol  Audio Italian: Bahasa Itali  Audio Portuguese: Bahasa Portugis  Audio
Greek: Bahasa Greek  Audio Russian: Bahasa Rusia  Audio Arabic: Bahasa Arab  Audio
Hindi: Bahasa India  Audio Chinese: Bahasa Cina  Audio Japanese: Bahasa Jepun  Audio


Travel Vocabulary

Most popular terms when traveling:

Taxi: Teksi  Audio Bus: Bas  Audio
Hotel: Hotel  Audio Reservation: Tempahan  Audio
Airport: Lapangan terbang  Audio Passport: Pasport  Audio

Words you can use in class or talking about school:

Student: Pelajar  Audio Teacher: Guru  Audio Pen: Pen  Audio
Books: Buku-buku  Audio Page: Halaman  Audio Dictionary: Kamus  Audio

Body parts which are talked about more often:

Hand: Tangan  Audio Feet: Kaki  Audio Hair: Rambut  Audio
Eye: Mata  Audio Mouth: Mulut  Audio Nose: Hidung  Audio

Emergency vocabulary to ask for help or offer help when needed:

Ambulance: Ambulans  Audio Doctor: Doktor  Audio
Hospital: Hospital  Audio Pharmacy: Farmasi  Audio
Police: Polis  Audio Stomach Ache: Sakit perut  Audio

As you can see, this Malay vocabulary is something you will need every day. You can use our Vocabulary Trainer to help you memorize these words.

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Did you know? People use only a small amount of their vocabulary on a daily basis. The rest of the words are either unused or not used often.