Nepali Letters

Let's now learn the Nepali letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

[a] example Alabama
[aa] example hat
[e] example egg
[ii] example we
[ei] example main
[ei] example mean
[ai] example mate
[i] example ink
[o] example home
[oi] example toy
[oii] example oyster
[uu] example noon
[ou] example house
[u] example Uzbakistan
[B] example bat
[Bha] example Bob Hansen
[Ca] example cat
[Chha] example Rich Hansen
[Da] example day
[Dha] example Edward Hansen
[Fa] example fast
[Fi] example fit
[Ga] example gas
[Gha] example Ghana
[Ghi] example Ghistapo
[Ha] example hand
[Ja] example Jakarta
[Jha] example Jhahan
[Ka] example Kashmir
[Kha] example Khan
[Khi] example Khim
[L] example love
[Li] example lip
[Li] example list
[Lii] example Lima
[Lii] example Bradley
[Ma] example man
[Na] example Namibia
[N'a] example Stan Alan
[Nia] example Niagara
[Nae] example Nigeria
[Ni] example Nicaragua
[oms] example Tom's book
[Pa] example Panama
[Qi] example King
[Ra] example rank
[Ri] example ring
[Ri] example risk
[Ri] example Brie
[Sa] example Sam
[Sha] example Shanghai
[Shha] example wash hand
[Ta] example Tamara
[T'a] example Matt Alan
[Tha] example Thailand
[Tha] example Thailand
[T'ha] example Thailand
[Thha] example Keith Hansen
[ugDha] example drug down
[ugDhha] example hugged hand
[Va] example vast
[Ya] example yacht
[Yi] example yeast
[Za] example zap

The above letters in Nepali should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Nepali, Nepali homepage, or Nepali Grammar. Nepali quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.