Pashto Grammar

The Pashto grammar allows you to manipulate the vocabulary to obtain multiple forms of a word. The grammatical rules below are the most important in Pashto and help connect words or shape the structure. We start with the prepositions:

And: او Under: لاندی
Before: مخکی After: وروسته
Inside: دننه Outside: د باندې
With: سره But: خو
For: لپاره From: له
To: ته In: په


Questions and Adverbs

To ask questions, use the following:

What?: څه؟ Who?: څوک؟
How?: څنګه؟ Why?: ولې؟
Where?: چېرته؟

Some of the most important time adverbs:

Never: هيڅکله نه Rarely: ډېر لږ
Sometimes: کله ناکله Usually: معمولآ
Always: تل Very: ډېر


Most commonly used pronouns in Pashto:

I: زه You: ته/تاسی
He: هغه سړی She: هغه ښځه
We: موږ They: هغوی

To express the possession of something [possessive form]:

My: زما Your: ستا/ستاسو
His: دهغه سړی Her: دهغی ښځی
Our: زموږ Their: د هغوی

Grammar in a sentence

Some random verbs to show how it's being used:

I speak English: زه په انګلیسي ژبه خبرې کوم
You speak French: ته په فرانسوي ژبه خبرې کوې
He speaks German: هغه په الماني ژبه خبرې کوي
She speaks Italian: هغه په ایتالوي ژبه خبرې کوي
I visited France: زه فرانسې ته تللی وم
I will drink milk: زه به شیدې وڅښم


Some extra grammatical structures:

I understand you: زه تا پېژنم
I don't understand you: زه تا نه پېژنم
I don't speak French: زه په فرانسوي ژبه خبرې نه کوم
This is my house: دا زما کور دی
That restaurant is far: هغه رستورانت لرې دی
No problem: کومه ستونزه نشته

The above Pashto grammar can provide tools to use in coordination with the Pashto vocabulary to obtain some popular Pashto phrases.

Pashto Phrases

Pashto Vocabulary


Did you know? Grammar can help you increase your vocabulary dramatically. Grammar is like a tool which helps you manipulate words in a sentence by changing the shape and location of a word to create something new out of the old one.