Slovak Letters

Let's now learn the Slovak letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

A a[a] example ant
Á á[á] example hat
Ä ä[ä] example air
B b[b] example bat
C c[c] example hats
Č č[č] example chat
D d[d] example day
Ď ď[ď] example dew
Dz dz[dz] example kids
Dž dž[dž] example Jamaica
E e[e] example egg
É é[é] example hair
F f[f] example fun
G g[g] example go
H h[h] example hat
Ch ch[ch] example Bach
I i[i] example pit
Í í[í] example tea
J j[j] example yes
K k[k] example kit
L l[l] example life
Ĺ ĺ[ĺ] example loop
Ľ ľ[ľ] example million
M m[m] example me
N n[n] example nice
Ň ň[ň] example new
O o[o] example old
Ó ó[ó] example tour
Ô ô[ô] example won
P p[p] example pen
Q q[q] example queue
R r[r] example ring
Ŕ ŕ[ŕ] example Roma
S s[s] example sea
Š š[š] example shy
T t[t] example top
Ť ť[ť] example tune
U u[u] example Uzbakistan
Ú ú[ú] example tool
V v[v] example van
W w[w] example wax
X x[x] example taxi
Y y[y] example kitty
Ý ý[ý] example real
Z z[z] example Zulu
Ž ž[ž] example vision

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