Japanese Grammar

The Japanese grammar allows you to manipulate the vocabulary to obtain multiple forms of a word. The grammatical rules below are the most important in Japanese and help connect words or shape the structure. We start with the prepositions:

And:   [to] Audio Under: 下に  [shita ni] Audio
Before: 前に  [mae ni] Audio After: 後ろに  [ushiro ni] Audio
Inside: の内側で  [no uchigawa de] Audio Outside: の外側で  [no sotogawa de] Audio
With:   [to] Audio But: しかし  [shikashi] Audio
For: のために  [no tame ni] Audio From: から  [kara] Audio
To:   [ni] Audio In: の中で  [no naka de] Audio


Questions and Adverbs

To ask questions, use the following:

What?: 何が?  [nani ga?] Audio Who?: 誰が?  [dare ga?] Audio
How?: どのように?  [dono you ni?] Audio Why?: なぜ?  [naze?] Audio
Where?: どこ?  [doko?] Audio

Some of the most important time adverbs:

Never: 決して  [kesshite] Audio Rarely: まれに  [mare ni] Audio
Sometimes: 時々  [tokidoki] Audio Usually: 通常  [tsuujou] Audio
Always: いつも  [itsumo] Audio Very: とても  [totemo] Audio


Most commonly used pronouns in Japanese:

I: 私は  [watashi wa] Audio You: あなたは  [anata wa] Audio
He: 彼は  [kare wa] Audio She: 彼女は  [kanojo wa] Audio
We: 私たちは  [watashi tachi wa] Audio They: 彼らは  [karera wa] Audio

To express the possession of something [possessive form]:

My: 私の  [watashi no] Audio Your: あなたの  [anata no] Audio
His: 彼の  [kare no] Audio Her: 彼女の  [kanojo no] Audio
Our: 私たちの  [watashi tachi no] Audio Their: 彼らの  [karera no] Audio

Grammar in a sentence

Some random verbs to show how it's being used:

I speak English: 私は英語を話します。  [watashi wa eigo o hanashi masu] Audio
You speak French: あなたはフランス語を話します。  [anata wa furansugo o hanashi masu] Audio
He speaks German: 彼はドイツ語を話します。  [kare wa doitsu go o hanashi masu] Audio
She speaks Italian: 彼女はイタリア語を話します。  [kanojo wa itaria go o hanashi masu] Audio
I visited France: 私はフランスに行きました。  [watashi wa furansu ni iki mashi ta] Audio
I will drink milk: 私は牛乳を飲みます。  [watashi wa gyuunyuu o nomi masu] Audio


Some extra grammatical structures:

I understand you: 私はあなたのことを理解しています。  [watashi wa anata no koto o rikai shi te i masu] Audio
I don't understand you: 私にはあなたがわかりません。  [watashi ni wa anata ga wakari mase n] Audio
I don't speak French: 私はフランス語が話せません。  [watashi wa furansugo ga hanase mase n] Audio
This is my house: これは私の家です。  [kore wa watashi no ie desu] Audio
That restaurant is far: そのレストランは遠いです。  [sono resutoran wa tooi desu] Audio
No problem: 問題ありません。  [mondai ari mase n] Audio

The above Japanese grammar can provide tools to use in coordination with the Japanese vocabulary to obtain some popular Japanese phrases.

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Did you know? Grammar can help you increase your vocabulary dramatically. Grammar is like a tool which helps you manipulate words in a sentence by changing the shape and location of a word to create something new out of the old one.