Latvian Phrases

The Latvian phrases are helpful because they are used daily. Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. We included the audio as well. This is a better way to learning. Learn only what you need. We start with greetings and introduction.

Hi: sveiki  Audio
What is your name?: kā tevi (jūs) sauc?  Audio
Nice to meet you: prieks tevi redzēt  Audio
How are you?: kā jums klājas?  Audio
I'm good, thanks: paldies, labi  Audio
And you?: un tev?  Audio


Language and Age Phrases

More questions about language and age:

Do you speak (English/Latvian)?: vai jūs runājat (angliski, latviski)?  Audio
Does she speak Chinese?: vai viņa prot ķīniešu valodu?  Audio
A little bit: tikai nedaudz  Audio
How old are you?: cik tev gadu?  Audio
I'm 33 years old: man ir 33 gadu  Audio
It was nice talking to you: bija jauki ar jums parunāties  Audio

If you don't understand something, this will be your secret weapon:

What do you mean?: ko jūs ar to domājat?  Audio
I don't understand: es nesaprotu  Audio
I don't know: es nezinu  Audio
Sorry: atvainojiet  Audio
What is that called in Latvian?: kā tas ir latviski?  Audio
What does that word mean in English?: ko šis vārds nozīmē angliski?  Audio


More personal information about origins and profession:

Where are you from?: no kurienes jūs esat?  Audio
I'm from the U.S: es esmu no asv  Audio
I'm American: es esmu amerikānis  Audio
Where do you live?: kur tu dzīvo?  Audio
I live in the U.S: es dzīvoju asv  Audio
What do you do for a living?: par ko jūs strādājat?  Audio
I'm a student: es esmu students  Audio

Offering or asking for help and giving directions:

Can I help you?: vai es varu jums palīdzēt?  Audio
Can you help me?: vai jūs varat man palīdzēt?  Audio
Where is the airport?: kur ir lidosta?  Audio
Go straight: ejiet taisni  Audio
Then: tad  Audio
Turn left: nogriezieties pa kreisi  Audio
Turn right: pagriezieties pa labi  Audio


Holiday Wishes Phrases

Good wishes in Latvian in holidays and occasions:

Happy birthday: daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā  Audio
Happy new year: laimīgu jauno gadu  Audio
Merry Christmas: priecīgus ziemassvētkus  Audio
Good luck: lai jums veicas  Audio
Congratulations: apsveicu  Audio

Latvian expressions commonly used when traveling or buying:

I have a reservation: esmu rezervējis (rezervējusi) numuru  Audio
Do you have rooms available?: vai jums ir brīvas istabas?  Audio
I would like a non-smoking room: es gribētu nesmēķētāju istabu  Audio
How much it costs per night?: kāda ir maksa par diennakti?  Audio
Waiter: viesmīlis  Audio
How much is this?: cik tas maksā?  Audio
What is this?: kas tas ir?  Audio

Survival phrases considered to be important in emergencies:

Are you okay?: vai jums viss kārtībā?  Audio
I need a doctor: man nepieciešams ārsts  Audio
Help: palīdzība  Audio
Call the ambulance: piezvani ātrajai palīdzībai  Audio
Call the police: piezvani policijai  Audio
I am sick: es esmu slims, man ir slikti  Audio

These Latvian phrases can be used in a variety of conversations. If you have already visited our Latvian Vocabulary and Latvian Grammar, you might want to visit our Latvian Flashcards to practice what you learned.

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Did you know? Phrases are the combination of the use of vocabulary and grammar. Mastering the vocabulary and grammar can result in the ability to make useful Latvian phrases.