Oriya Letters

Let's now learn the Oriya letters. Knowing these characters will allow you to read and write commonly used expressions and words with ease.

The following are the Oriya consonants. The consonants j and y are pronounced the same in Oriya. Initial ḍa, ḍha vary with intervocalic ṛa, ṛha.

[kɔ] example kap
[kʰɔ] example khan
[ɡɔ] example gas
[ɡʱɔ] example ghana
[ŋɔ] example ṅap
[tʃɔ] example cat
[tʃʰɔ] example chat
[dʒɔ] example jazz
[dʒʱɔ] example jhar
[ɲɔ] example new
[ʈɔ] example ṭap
[ʈʱɔ] example ṭha
[ɖɔ] example ḍa
[ɖʱɔ] example ḍha
ଡ଼[ɽɔ] example ṛam
ଢ଼[ɽʱɔ] example ṛha
[ɳɔ] example ṇa
[t̪ɔ] example ta
[t̪ʰɔ] example tha
[d̪ɔ] example da
[d̪ʱɔ] example dha
[nɔ] example na
[pɔ] example pa
[pʰɔ] example pha
[bɔ] example ba
[] example va
[bʱɔ] example bha
[mɔ] example ma
[dʒɔ] example ya
[jɔ] example ẏa
[rɔ] example ra
[ɭɔ] example ḷa
[lɔ] example la
[wɔ] example va
[sɔ] example śa
[sɔ] example ṣa
[sɔ] example sa
[hɔ] example ha

Oriya Vowels

These are the Oriya vowels. The vowels "ଇ" ("i"), "ଈ" ("ī"), "ଉ" ("u") and "ଊ" ("ū") are pronounced same as most long sounds are pronounced in the same way as short vowel sounds.

[ɔ] example a
[aː] example ā
[i] example i
[iː] example ī
[u] example u
[uː] example ū
[ru] example
[ruː] example r̥̄
[lu] example
[luː] example l̥̄
[eː] example e
[ɔi̯] example ai
[ɔ] example o
[ɔu̯] example au
[] example

The above letters in Oriya should allow you to read and write the following pages with much ease: popular phrases in Oriya, Oriya homepage, or Oriya Grammar. Oriya quiz and flashcard can also be found on our homepage.