Somali Vocabulary

The Somali vocabulary is the backbone for learning. Below we picked 70% of the most commonly used words. Therefore memorizing them will give you a 70% boost in the language. This is the smarter way of online learning. Learn only what you need. We start with commonly used numbers.

One: hal Two: labo Three: saddex
Four: afar Five: shan Six: lix
Seven: toddobo Eight: sideed Nine: sagaal
Ten: toban First: kow Second: labaad

Time Expressions

Days of the week and time expressions:

Monday: isniin Tuesday: talaado Wednesday: arbaco
Thursday: khamiis Friday: jimco Saturday: sabti
Sunday: axad Now: hadda Yesterday: shalay
Today: maanta Tonight: caawa Tomorrow: berri


Most popular fruits and vegetables:

Fruits: khudrad Apples: tufaax
Bananas: moos Tomatoes: yaanyo
Potatoes: baradho Onions: basal

Colors that we think are very important to remember:

Red: guduud Green: cagaar Blue: buluug
White: caddaan Black: madow Grey: calow

Some words related to food:

Breakfast: quraac Lunch: qado
Dinner: casho Milk: caano
Coffee: qaxwo Bread: rooti


Weather terms and sensations:

Sunny: qorrax leh Windy: dabayl leh Rainy: roob leh
Snowy: baraf leh Cold: qabow Hot: kulayl

Words related to family and relatives:

Boy: wiil Girl: gabar
Son: wiil Daughter: gabar
Brother: walaalka Sister: walaasha
Man: nin Woman: haweeney
Father: aabe Mother: hooyo
Grandfather: awoowe Grandmother: ayeeyo

Locations in the house which are talked about more during the day:

House: guri Toilet: musqul Room: qol
Bedroom: qolka jiifka Kitchen: jiko Table: miis

Animals and pets popular to everyone:

Cat: bisad Dog: ey Mouse: jiir
Bird: shimbir Cow: sac Horse: faras

The clothes most worn by most people:

Socks: sharabaadyo Shoes: kabo Trousers: surwaal
Shirt: shaar Sweater: funaanad Coat: koodh

Most popular languages in the world:

English: ingiriis French: faransiis German: jarmal
Spanish: isbaanish Italian: talyaani Portuguese: boortaqiis
Greek: giriig Russian: ruush Arabic: carabi
Hindi: hindi Chinese: shiineys Japanese: jabaan


Travel Vocabulary

Most popular terms when traveling:

Taxi: tagsi Bus: bas
Hotel: hoteel Reservation: carbuunasho
Airport: garoonka diyaaradaha Passport: baasaboor

Words you can use in class or talking about school:

Student: arday Teacher: macallin Pen: qalin
Books: buugaag Page: bog Dictionary: qaamuus

Body parts which are talked about more often:

Hand: gacan Feet: cago Hair: timo
Eye: il Mouth: af Nose: san

Emergency vocabulary to ask for help or offer help when needed:

Ambulance: ambalaas Doctor: dhaqtar
Hospital: isbitaal Pharmacy: farmashi
Police: boliis Stomach Ache: calool xanuun

As you can see, this Somali vocabulary is something you will need every day. You can use our Vocabulary Trainer to help you memorize these words.

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Did you know? People use only a small amount of their vocabulary on a daily basis. The rest of the words are either unused or not used often.